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Jay Kickliter

Cell: 757-630-6194

I am an outgoing and energetic engineer, seeking an position that best utilizes my vast skill-set.

  • Designed electronics, and fabricated steel-tube frame for State University of New York Maritime College's submersible ROV.
  • Awarded American Public Power Association student grant for development of mesh networked automatic energy meter.
  • Designed and fabricated a jig for resurfacing Rolls-Royce diesel injectors. This saves Cable Ship Dependable, my former employer, $1,200 every time an injector develops this category of leak.
  • Prevented an expensive and safety critical problem at Cable Ship Dependable by uncovering a mismatch in newly installed substandard hydraulic hoses used in a mission critical towing winch.
  • Saved the US Navy significant, repeated maintenance costs by tracing a multi-unit fault in a bank of receivers to a $1 resistor.
  • Developed new troubleshooting procedure, adopted fleet-wide by US Navy, to keep UNIX-based intelligence collection system operational longer than previously accepted 24-hour maximum. This procedure reduced annual down-time throughout entire Navy fleet by 480 hours per ship.


Multisim, AutoCAD, Altium Designer, Eagle CAD, SolidWorks, Simulink, Xilinx ISE, Microsoft productivity software (Word, Excel, etc)

Computer Languages

C, Objective-C/Cocoa, Ruby, LaTeX, UNIX shell scripting, MATLAB/Sysquake/Octave, Python, various embedded assembly

Hardware Description Languages

Verilog and VHDL

Embedded Electronics

Various CPLD's, FPGA's, Microcontrollers


Micro-miniature rework, PCB design for manufacture, hand made two layer PCB's


Manual lathe and mill; Stick, MIG, and TIG welding


Transoceanic Cable Ship CompanyEngineering Internship

This job involved supporting a ship that lay fiber optic cable across the ocean floor.
  • Monitored engineering spaces and cable laying equipment.
  • Analyzed oil samples daily from ship's engines for lubricity and contamination.
  • In charge of maintaining main engines, hydraulic cable handling equipment, and water desalinization equipment.
  • Operated linear cable engine used for properly tensioning submarine cables.

US NavyCryptologic Technician - 1997-2003

  • Conducted troubleshooting and repair of all classified electronic and computer-based equipment, including:
    • solid state microelectronic repair/soldering
    • antenna assembly, installation, and removal
    • LAN/WAN construction and network administration
    • tracing and troubleshooting faults within radio frequency (RF) signal paths
  • Promoted from Seaman Recruit through multiple ranks to Petty Officer First Class in less than 6 years.
  • Oversaw operational readiness of ship Cryptologic/Intelligence Collection systems.
  • Managed adherence to established maintenance program; scheduled, performed, and assigned to junior staff a stringent system of preventative maintenance checks and repairs.
  • Supervised and trained junior technicians, organized and arranged work with external contractors.

Military Sealift CommandAble Seaman/Rescue Swimmer - 2005-2007

This job involved working extended hours on a ship operating in a harsh and physically stressful environment. As surface rescue swimmer, was on 24/7 standby to rescue crew members and disaster survivors.
  • Assisted in steering, lookout, and navigation.
  • Responded to time-critical, technical and mechanical faults on the bridge.

State University of New York, Maritime College - New York, NY

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
License: Third Assistant Engineer, Motors or Steam, Unlimited Horsepower

Electronics (analog and digital), Welding, Mountain Biking