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PCB Business Card

I’ve been seeing a lot of printed circuit board (PCB) business cards on the internet these days, particularly on hackaday, so I decided to jump on the nerd bandwagon and make my own. I searched google images for inspiration and found this one, which I thought looked pretty awesome. So I copied the general layout, but with a few minor changes. First, I designed my own circuit using a Propeller chip, 8 0603 (very small) LED’s, and a surface mount (SMT) battery holder. Second, instead of having white text on a black solder mask, I put the QR code and text on the solder mask layer. That way, the silver board will subtly show through from underneath.

I put the order in to Gold Phoenix last week. I choose their normal 155 in2 deal. It’s a really good price - without any option it’s $110. In my case, I ordered their thinnest PCB material, and added black solder mask. The total came out to $130 with shipping to the US. Expensive business cards at $6 each, but I don’t anticipate handing out too many and it would have cost way more if I had ordered them from an American company.

Here’s the board as sent to Gold Phoenix.Gerbv render of the Gerber files sent to Gold Phoenix

As for the circuit, it really is overkill. I’m not actually going to be able to afford to populate the boards, but as long as I didn’t make any errors, it should work. The the propeller chip is $8, and all the other parts added to the price of the bare board will bring this card to almost $18.PCB business card schematic

Download the Eagle Cad files.