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MATLAB bench() on 11" MacBook Air Part II

It was reccomended that I run bench() five times to get a better picture of of the Air’s ability to run MATLAB. Apparently, there’s a bit of overhead involved in loading the bench code that is included in the score, but only for the first run.

MATLAB Bechmark on 11” MacBook Air from Jay Kickliter on Vimeo.



11 inch MacBook Air and Autocad

I’m here at an Apple store, and after getting an employee to enter the administrator password, I installed AutoCad for Mac. And in case anyone is wondering, it runs with only 2 GB of RAM. Here’s the proof: 


It did take several beats to start up, but once running, it seemed quite usable. But keep in mind I spent less than 10 minutes with it. In the end, I decided to order the the base 11” Air with the $90 4 GB upgrade, since the RAM is hardwired to the logic-board. It turns out that the SSD storage is removable, and Toshiba will be selling it, so I’m going to keep with 64 GB of storage for now.