MATLAB bench() on 11" MacBook Air Part II

It was reccomended that I run bench() five times to get a better picture of of the Air’s ability to run MATLAB. Apparently, there’s a bit of overhead involved in loading the bench code that is included in the score, but only for the first run.

MATLAB Bechmark on 11” MacBook Air from Jay Kickliter on Vimeo.



Eagle CAD and

Eagle Cad is a necessary evil to me. It’s the only usable PCB design software  I know of for OS X. Plus, there’s an abundance of parts libraries out there. Beside its sometimes horrible user interface, my biggest complaint is its autorouter. Luckily there’s a website,, that has an excellent online autorouter. It takes a little trial and error to learn how to use it, but it does a much better job than Eagle. Here’s a video I made showing you the basics to routing your Eagle design at

Eagle CAD from Jay Kickliter on Vimeo.




Mercedes Diesel Oil Change

I made a new video today. It’s a short HOWTO on changing the oil on a 1995 Mercedes E300D. I’m trying to get in the habit of making videos of stuff I do, especially if it could be useful to someone else.

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